The Mob is the name of the artistic collaboration between Emma-Cecilia Ajanki and Julia Giertz, but the name also stands for much more than just the works we produced. It stands for strong friendship, feminism, compassion, play, beauty, poetry and an ambition to dissolve power structures on stage and in reality.

The Mob was like the ying yang sign. One half Emma-Cecilia Ajanki, the other half Julia Giertz. Alike but different, making a whole bigger than ourselves. We were driven by our deep wish to breathe rainbows and to create different realities of joy, justice and laughter even though our works were often serious, violent and angry. While working we had several mantras; one that especially spoke for our practice was to “make the normal absurd and the absurd normal”. Absurdity and the creation of new logics within each piece were important to us and we used strategies such as warping time, extreme sound and costumes to facilitate our goals.

Between the years 2007-2014 we made countless performances in various shapes; choreographies, dances, sermons, concerts and installations. We have collaborated with an array of extremely talented people and feel grateful for what we learned about ourselves, the world, and about love, generosity and integrity.

Now The Mob is resting, catching our breath after 7 years of making, maybe we will rise again when we’re 75 years old, strong, wise and with roots stronger than the trees.